Through the roof

It’s been an odd week for me with a lot of work offline and with other things online than blogging, not so much photography done either I’m afraid. Still the stats are pretty nice though, the ranking at Bloggportalen have gone from 59 to 46 and is currently balancing a little between 46 and 47. Yep, I’m in the Top 50 now, next goal is to get into the Top 40.

At Blogtoplist the blog is ranked as number 2 in the category Image Blogs for the second week running and in all categories combined it is now ranked as number 35. In this ranking list I’m already in the Top 40. Yep, I’m going through the roof.

Bloggportalen is more interesting though as more than a third of blogs in Sweden is registered here, 160,000+ compared to 34,000 at Blogtoplist. New week begins tomorrow, let’s see how far the blog can go then. Thank you all for visiting, you are all part of the success.

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