Don’t you wish you had been part of it all when Bitcoin first launched and gotten yourself a bunch of coins when they were cheap? After all, one Bitcoin today is worth some $11,400 USD.

Well, how about getting in on a new crypto currency and build yourself a possible fortune? Even if you don’t have money laying around to invest you can actually get a piece of the pie for free. RX Coin is in startup and they are giving you a $20 signup bonus right now which you can invest for a 1% daily return for 50 days, then you can re-invest and slowly grow your account.

Here’s the real kicker, they also give you 80 RX Coins (worth some $50) and a mining tool to increase the RX amount on automatic for free. Their own crypto exchange is due to go live in December so you have plenty of time to let the miner tick away to fill up your account.

Get going with RX Coins today

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