The past week I’ve been a little busy with matters unrelated to both photography and the blog, more about that further down in this post. It appears though as the blog have reached some sort of stability even without loads of posts being made and have remained more or less in the same ranking spot over the week with just minor fluctuations, it has remained between postion number 26 and 28 at Bloggportalen and is still in the Top 30. At Blogtoplist it has dropped slightly, it’s at the moment in position 12, but they measure a little differently. Bloggportalen is the ranking service that matters though as it has more blogs registered and measured.

Over the week I’ve been hard at work building a foundation for a retirement fund using crypto and some of the investments have begun paying off while others still need a little more time to reach that point. There will be loads of posts coming on this, if you want to join me on the journey to financial security without investing any money out of pocket please keep an eye on the category Crypto at for tips on where to go, what to do and what not to do. By all means, feel free to join the sites linked and start building your own crypto future as well.

New week begins tomorrow, let’s see how far the blog can go then. Next goal is to reach Top 20 at Bloggportalen. Thank you all for visiting, you are all part of the success.

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