Shoot missed due to stupidity

Some people are truly idiots and turn down free services just out of arrogance and possibly also ignorance.

As it happens, in my neighborhood there is a retired man who happens to like American cars andd have a couple. Among other vehicles he’s the owner of a really nice Chrysler, a convertible in mint condition that would have been awesome to shoot which I communicated to him some time ago and he agreed. Not only would I get to extend my portfolio a bit, he would get (for free) professional photos to use when advertising a coming sale of said car.

Well, the following week when the weather was perfect for such a shoot and I sent him a message. A shoot like this would take less than 30 minutes to get done. But no, he was busy this Wednesday with selling another car and would be the next day too. He said that next week we could get it done.

Next week came and went and not a peep from this retired man with all the time in the world at his disposal. And still not a word the week after that either.

To be perfectly honest, there are loads of cars around to shoot with owners who would be thrilled to get their beauties shot. When it comes photographers that would give them access to high definition images, not so much. The loss is his, all his.

In the mean while other cars have been shot, for instance this nice Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

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