No, I’m not playing the crappiest game with the worst graphics I have seen since the seventies. Actually even then the graphics were better. It’s all about crypto mining.

Bitcoin is not the only crypto currency around, there are a lot more. I’m guessing there are around 3.000 or so different crypto currencies around and more are arriving continously. One of the more established are Dogecoin and of course I have been tapping faucets and paid-to-click (PTC) sites for those too. I have signed up with a few miners as well for this currency and have just made my first purchase in one of those with free Dogecoins gathered, see further down for sources.

Most mining operations require that you make a purchase of additional hash power, an upgrade if you will, to be able to withdraw earnings even though many of them give you a basic mining contract when you join. The first Doge one to get upgraded is DefMine where I in two weeks only have earned 34 Doge. The minimum amount for withdrawal here is 300 Doge and with added hash power the mining will be much faster.

DefMine https://defmine.com/Welcome/Partner/14607

Earning Doge is just as easy as Bitcoin and I have been using primarily DogeBitsFree and Faucet Crypto for this. There were one more set of sites that I had planned to use for this as well, but the microwallet serving them turned out to be a scam and a fraud so for those programs I am pulling all support. Keep an eye open for a separate post on the scam site CoinPot.

DogeBitsFree is a standard faucet and PTC. From the faucet you can claim every 2 minutes, it’s moving fast and it is quite possible to reach the minimum 20 Doge withdrawal amount in 2 or 3 days. In fact I am closing in on another withdrawal there and will be doing another investment in either a mining operation or a HYIP.

DogeBitsFree https://doge-bitsfree.net/?ref=72347

Faucet Crypto is also a faucet and PTC with a couple of added perks such a bonus level system allowing you to over time earn a growing percentage of the claims added to the money you earn with each click and claim. This site will allow you to withdraw your earnings in as many as 20 different crypto currencies among which Dogecoin is one. They have a low minimum for withdrawal, myself I gather until I have the equivalent to 500+ satoshis before I withdraw which takes 2 or 3 days depending on how many PTC ads they have at the moment.

Faucet Crypto https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/473206

Both these sites will allow withdrawal to FaucetPay where you also can swap the supported currencies, ie if you have Bitcoin but want Dogecoin this can be done instantly.

FaucetPay https://faucetpay.io/?r=674056

Remember, never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

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