Holy Crap

Right now all I can say is a resounding “Holy Crap!”, it has been quite an interesting week. Last week, with all Bloggportalen categories combined the blog ranked numer 105 of 160,000+ blogs and at that point I would have been content if it had entered the Top 100 during the week that has passed. Now I sit here totally flabbergasted, it has been climbing steadily day by day and is now ranked as a whopping number 59. Just 9 positions to go and it will be in the Top 50 which places it in the front page list giving it a whole lot more visibility.

In the category Photo & Art which is the main category for the blog it entered the week as number 7 and has since then taken the position of number 4. It amuses me that the blog of Bingo Rimér, Swedens probably most well known photographer, got pushed down to number 7. Imagine, I have 8 times as many readers/visitors as that Lotto person (or whatever the hell his name is) and he is the most famous camera jockey in the country.

Bloggportalen is not the only ranking service used, another one is Blogtoplist with 34,000 registered blogs. The difference with this one is that it is reset every Sunday at midnight so everyone starts from scratch, at Bloggportalen the tracking is continously the last 7 days and it’s updated every hour upon the hour. In their category Image Blogs this blog ranks as number 2 and in all categories combined it is ranked as number 73.

Bloggportalen is more interesting though as more than a third of blogs in Sweden is registered here. New week begins tomorrow, let’s see how far the blog can go then. Thank you all for visiting, you are all part of the success.

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