More unwilling model

Portrait photography really isn’t my thing, but I do train on shooting those whenever I get a chance. Finally my unvilling model, my beautiful step daughter, have become a little more relaxed and actually allows me to take a photo every now and then. Sometimes it’s not enough being beautiful and photogenic, the model need to have som trust in the photographer as well, but with the right photographer anyone will look great in a picture.

As part of my new position as ambassador for Christian Lawson I will attempt to get my unwilling model to become more sympathetic to being photographed when shooting images for marketing purposes, perhaps it’ll be easier to get her to play nice when she’s getting paid.

The Unwilling Model

So, I have three step daughters and one of them is kind of camera shy which is a shame since she’s a really beautiful (and sexy) young lady. I have done my darndest to influence here to be less anti of being the one in front of the camera, last Saturday while at a Halloween event for kids (she’s the mother of the little redhead you’ve been seeing every now and then here) I simply took command and put here in front of the lens so I could take a few portraits.

Really lousy conditions though, outdoors early in the evening with little light and thick clouds making everything look gray and dark, but I did the best I could.

She really is a sight for sore eyes and I hope she’ll agree to get in front of the camera more frequently in the future.


There is no end to the variation in tasks and assignments as a photographer. Most of the afternoon today has been devoted to choosing and editing images for the city budget proposition for next year from the local chapter of an opposition party. Of course the little model got to be included.

Black Dress

I got stuck this morning with an interpretation assignment in a town 70 kilometers from my location, needless to say I am way behind with image processing and online avtivities. So, I’ll do kind of a quickie for now and present the last of my contracted models, a lovely young lady from the middle of Sweden. This one I employ for fashion shots as well as music related, especially rock music.

Two hands

In addition to the regular models I also have in my stable a hand model. Good thing about having such a model is that I don’t have to have a model release to use images with this little lady’s hands commercially although for this particular shot some of the stock image agencies want a property release because of the map on the globe. Yep, even a map can be copyrighted.

Shout at the devil

Returning to my models, yep, I do have a couple of those, for a moment to present to you an angry young man screaming his lungs out at the devil. This image actually is available both as prints and novelty items, it can also be found with some stock photo agencies. Although this may not be your cup of tea Christmas is coming up and without a doubt you have a metalhead or two on your gift list that would love to get something metal related. And there are other nice items that may be more to your own liking.

If you’re looking for something different please let me know in a comment and I will do my very best to accomodate, I have an extensive archive of images and may very well be able to get what you want up in the shops.

Prints & Merchandise

Pixels / Fine Art America

Stock photo


Unsafe zone

The last half year when there have been no events I have been forced to step outside of my safe zone when it comes to photography, not only have I been shooting weddings and such, I have actually gotten me a couple of models. I now have three of those, two adult and one child model, and will most certainly look for a few more adult ones as directing and shooting models was actually fun.

For all models I of course have obtained the proper releases, for the child model from her mother since you in Sweden aren’t allowed to sign contracts before the age of 18. Although directing the wee one, she’s just 5, is no easy task sometimes I kind of like the challenge. This one can be a real handful at times.