Top image July 2020

The top image of July 2020 with the most likes, reactions and comments combined in all social medias I use.

In July Scandinavian Photo held a competition with four legs and the last leg had the theme Water. This was one of my contributions for that leg. I didn’t win anything in any of the legs although an image from the first leg was chosen to be shared by them as an inspirational piece. However it was a lot of fun participating posting pictures with a specific theme.

Free Downloads

Starting right now I am making available a new feature of the blog, you can now download preformatted high resolution images ready for print. For FREE!

In the coming days I will set up a separate page linked from the top menu for those downloads, but to kick it all off I already now give you one. In the free downloads you will find not only Childhood’s End shots, there will be all kinds of beautiful print ready images.

Download “Childhood’s End – Drought”

In the page that loads find the button that says “Free Download”, in the next page near the bottom solve the captcha and click “Create your link” to get your personal download link.

This Childhood’s End shot is called Drought, the file is preformatted for printing in the size 21 x 30 cm. Enjoy!

Shopping spree

For me online earnings is so much more than just crypto investments, it’s actually all about my brand merchandise. This takes a lot of time and effort getting done with images that not only have to be chosen but also adapted and edited for all the various items they’ll be going on.

With the way things have been going this year there haven’t been many high value photos shot, it’s after all the editorial shots from concerts that gives the most revenue, it would really help if you wouldd please consider at least to do some of your gift shopping, Christmas is around the corner, from the outlets carrying my merchandise. Every little bit helps, you know.


Fine Art America (Pixels)



You can also help me improve the assortment by commenting if there is some motif you would like to be able to purchase items with. I will be adding a lot of new motives in the near future and would like to be able to give you what you want when doing so.

Permanent exhibition

A permanent exhibition is available at The Federation of Swedish Photographers where just a few images, 30 to be exact, from my extensive and continously growing archive can be viewed. It wasn’t an easy task choosing just 30 out of 2,000,000 without even having a theme to base the choice on.

Permanent exhibition

This year my work was supposed to have been featured in several physical exhibitions, but due to that Chinese affliction those exhibitions were cancelled. Better luck next year I guess.

A cover story

Sometimes even the unsuccessful shots can be usable. When shooting Psychobrew at an event in Gothenburg in April of 2012 I got a little too close to the mosh pit and someone bumped into me while taking this picture. Given the name of the band this would actually make a great album cover.

One of a kind

20% of the revenue on this promotion will be donated to a deserving charity, the one chosen is By Your Side (Vid Din Sida) that work to aid homeless elderly in Stockholm, Sweden. Be sure to take part and help people in need.

How would you like to be the owner of a real collectors item? A one of a kind 30×40 cm print, signed and with a certificate of autenthicity, never to be available as a large scale print ever again and never to be sold as a digital image either. This will be your only chance ever to obtain this unique print, I won’t even make one for myself to make sure it’s the only large print around.

Coming soon might be an online auction for a print that is not supposed to exist, a print called “Drought” with The Pink Panther. It was originally made for a gallery exhibition that due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic never was. The image itself is part of the ongoing series Childhood’s End, but the copyright owners Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) will not grant me a property release.

My intention all along have been to make Childhood’s End images available as prints, apparel and other novelty items. Images with that pink kitten we all love should have been included, but to do so I need licensing or at the very least a property release from the copyright owners. Since the beginning of November 2019 I have been trying to obtain this from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) without even getting a response. I even looked up their chief legal officer at LinkedIn and contacted her regarding this matter just to be totally ignored and blocked.

How much would it be worth to you, how much would you pay for this truly unique collectors item? I need to get at least a hunch on what the starting bid should be.

Please feel free to comment with how much you would want to pay. To be personally invited send an e-mail with the subject “Pinkie” to and you will recieve a message when the auction is about to go live. This is the only message you will recieve from submitting your e-mail to this promotion and your address will not be sold to any third party.

Also, please feel free to share this blog post with your own networks to give as many as possible the chance to get in.

Childhood’s End – Drought