The original blog at Nouw would have celebrated it’s first anniversary yesterday had I remained there. Reality has shown me that it was a good decision to migrate the blog to it’s own domain and server giving me the possibility to implement tracking codes for services like Bloggportalen and Blogtoplist among others. In May when Nouw decided to remove the support for such widgets the blog there ranked as number 8 in the category Photo and Art, just a week after the change it wasn’t even visible in the lists.

Today, 5 days after relaunching on the domain the blog is ranked number 7 in the Photo and Art category at Bloggportalen with more than 160.000 registered blogs (number 6 at Blogtoplist with 34.000 blogs) and is about to enter into the Top 100 of all categories. It’s amazing really, in just 5 days the blog has gone further than in a full year with Nouw.

Starting now there will be a stats recap every Sunday so you can follow the progress.

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