Shoot missed due to stupidity

Some people are truly idiots and turn down free services just out of arrogance and possibly also ignorance.

As it happens, in my neighborhood there is a retired man who happens to like American cars andd have a couple. Among other vehicles he’s the owner of a really nice Chrysler, a convertible in mint condition that would have been awesome to shoot which I communicated to him some time ago and he agreed. Not only would I get to extend my portfolio a bit, he would get (for free) professional photos to use when advertising a coming sale of said car.

Well, the following week when the weather was perfect for such a shoot and I sent him a message. A shoot like this would take less than 30 minutes to get done. But no, he was busy this Wednesday with selling another car and would be the next day too. He said that next week we could get it done.

Next week came and went and not a peep from this retired man with all the time in the world at his disposal. And still not a word the week after that either.

To be perfectly honest, there are loads of cars around to shoot with owners who would be thrilled to get their beauties shot. When it comes photographers that would give them access to high definition images, not so much. The loss is his, all his.

In the mean while other cars have been shot, for instance this nice Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.


There has been very little happening here at the MetalPhoto blog, but that is about to change as my workload has changed and I have more time to spare. Naturally there will be a lot of nature coming as well in addition to everything else that’ll be photographed and published.

To get going I’ll give you a nice little longwing butterfly shot just the other day, please enjoy and make sure to come back often to check for more great images as the blog from now on will become a lot more active. This is quite possibly the most versatile photo blog around.

More unwilling model

Portrait photography really isn’t my thing, but I do train on shooting those whenever I get a chance. Finally my unvilling model, my beautiful step daughter, have become a little more relaxed and actually allows me to take a photo every now and then. Sometimes it’s not enough being beautiful and photogenic, the model need to have som trust in the photographer as well, but with the right photographer anyone will look great in a picture.

As part of my new position as ambassador for Christian Lawson I will attempt to get my unwilling model to become more sympathetic to being photographed when shooting images for marketing purposes, perhaps it’ll be easier to get her to play nice when she’s getting paid.


Anyone should take pride in their work or find something else to work with. I do take pride in what I do with the cameras, though some images I am more proud of than others. This is one such image. Technical quality isn’t the main concern for a driven photographer, anyone can learn to shoot technically good photos. The ability to capture the moments are at the heart of any photographer dedicated to documenting the world as it is, often you have mere seconds at your disposal before the moment is gone which was the case with this one.