All of a sudden I had gotten me a student of photography when I gave my fiancé one of my old cameras to play with. As it turns out she had never even held a system camera prior to this and I must confess I am somewhat impressed by how quickly she’s learned the basics. The very first time she had a session she accompanied me to a shoot at a local eating contest and my initial thought afterwards was that I needed to have a discussion with her regarding focus. Not so much the focus of the camera but more regarding what her focus was at as I found a load of shots of me on the job when uploading her images to the computer.

Anywho, from time to time I’ll be sharing some of her images here in the category By Dehli.

Purple Shrooms

The colors of fall have begun showing themselves. The other day I went into the woods and found loads of shrooms of all sizes, shapes and colors.

The following days I was rather busy sorting and editing images to make them ready to be uploaded to the stock photo agencies, after the “little” tour to the woods I came home with, in addition to the actual mushrooms, some 500 images that have kept me somewhat occupied.

I wasn’t alone out there though, my fiancé, her daughter and granddaughter went along and of course I got a shot or two of the little redhead while picking chanterelles.


Welcome to the new home of the MetalPhoto blog. This is very much still a hard helmet area, there’s a lot of settings to be made to get everything in place, but it will from now on be full steam ahead here although the old posts at Nouw will still remain as it may be necessary to link them on occasion. I hope you will enjoy this new spot as much as you have the old one, don’t forget to update your bookmarks.

As Nouw has gone from bad to worse giving little or no support as well as making it impossible to include tracking codes for services such as Bloggportalen and thus making it impossible to compete with bloggers/influencers on other platforms I have decided to go full in on my own domain with a web hosting where I have full control over the scripts and can include whatever code I wish so this blog will be ranked alongside with all other blogs.