I weep for humanity!

After performing a totally unscientific experiment I have found that social medias and cellular phones (ie smartphones) are stupidifying people. First I made two posts on Facebook with the link for this blog, in the first post I actually asked people to help out getting the newly moved blog to get properly off the ground and give it a flying start in the rankings at Bloggportalen and in the second post I simply informed them that if everyone in my contact list visited the blog once a week it would get in to the Top 40 and stay there.

The result? Merely 5 visits in two days…

Next I made a nonsense post with the rear end of a chicken (second image) with the text “Let’s see how awake everyone is. What is this?”. In half an hour there were 7 comments with suggestions, 11 now and still counting.

The conclusion? Facebook is worthless and people actually rather make more of an effort commenting nonsense than click a simple link to help a social media friend with his/her own company to get ahead. Mind you, some of these are relatives and IRL friends. Who needs enemies with friends like these?

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