Sudden jump

Sunday and I’m here for the weekly update on the stats. In the beginning of the week the blog reached a smashing rank of 32, that’s quite a jump from last weeks position which was 43. This means that I have gotten myself into the Top 40 at Bloggportalen (with approximately a third of all blogs in Sweden registered and thereby the largest ranking service).

At Blogtoplist (with 34.000+ blogs listed) the blog is now ranked as number 1 in the category Image Blogs and in all categories combined it is now ranked as number 22. This means that here I’m in the Top 30 already.

New week begins tomorrow, let’s see how far the blog can go then. Next goal is to reach Top 30 at Bloggportalen and Top 20 at Blogtoplist. It may take an extra week to do so though as for part of this last week the tracking haven’t been working properly due to a scripting error at the blog so the current ranking isn’t quite correct, an error which now has been dealt with.

Thank you all for visiting, you are all part of the success.

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