Cold season

One of many great things with photography is that when the cold season arrives we always have summer memories preserved to keep us a little warmer until next spring and summer. The season we’re entering doesn’t give much to shoot really except for some street photography and if and when there are clear days with snow and frost there might be an image or two taken as well. Otherwise there are close 2 million images in my archive to dig up and pester you with.

Five Moons

I like challenges when photographing, such a challenge is getting nice shots of the moon. Lately I have been viewing another kind of moons though, the kind that earns me money.

One way of obtaining free crypto such as Bitcoin and Dash is using so called “faucets” where you can claim free crypto with different intervals, some are available for claiming every 5 minutes and others once an hour. Then there are the awesome Moon faucets where you decide when to claim, just leave them open to see the amount available to claim grows and when you fell like hit that Claim button.

Moon Bitcoin Core

Moon Bitcoin Cash

Moon Dash

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Litecoin

One great thing about these are that you recieve 25-50% commission on all your referrals faucet claims, when they earn you earn. All claimed funds goes directly to your CoinPot account where you can let your funds grow and when you have sufficient funds withdraw to your crypto wallet. If you want to be able to with draw a little sooner CoinPot gives you the ability to convert between crypto currencies, then you can get them all in one slot and make just one withdrawal sooner instead of five withdrawals later.


For her second session ever with a real camera my student went out on her own in the woods and among other shots came back with these two slugs surrounding their coming offspring. She’s doing quite well, I might even employ her as my assistant in the future.


In the post “Angles” I show two examples on how to position a car and yourself to shoot sellable images, but that’s not the entire secret. When shooting the images it is key with location, light and angles, but then comes the computer editing where you among other things adjust shadows, highlights and contrast to name a few. Below is a front end shot without any other adjustments than cropping and resizing and a rear end shot where highlights and contrast has been adjusted. With the right touches even an old Peugeot can become attractive.