Top image December 2020

Not many images were shot and posted during December 2020 due to the lousy weather (it was grey, grey, grey and grey with a couple of shades of grey thrown in the mix as well) and also due to the constant pain in my back and joints which gets worse with cold and damp weather. To finish my little tour of the images of the year I instead give you my personal favorite image of the year 2020.

Top image July 2020

The top image of July 2020 with the most likes, reactions and comments combined in all social medias I use.

In July Scandinavian Photo held a competition with four legs and the last leg had the theme Water. This was one of my contributions for that leg. I didn’t win anything in any of the legs although an image from the first leg was chosen to be shared by them as an inspirational piece. However it was a lot of fun participating posting pictures with a specific theme.