Playing in the sand

It’s cold’ it’s damp and it’s pure hell, the weather is truly wreaking havoc with my joints so no new photos taken today. Instead I dive into the archive and dig up a summer memory. In June I took a day at the beach with the family and of course the cameras came along documenting everything and everyone. One really nice shot I got of an older woman playing with her grandchild in the sand.

All that jazz

With an “artist” name like The Rocking Chef (formerly) it is quite obvious that jazz isn’t really my cup of tea, but some jazz is appreciated even by me. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to get to know the lovely Gunhild Carling at the release event for United Influencers, needless to say she became a dear and valued friend with whom I love discussing music.

At the event I got the opportunity to shoot some portrait shots of the lady, here are a couple of them.


It’s been a hectic week, time to slow down a bit at least for the afternoon to replenish the batteries. Working like I do out of the comfort of my home is most of the time a job in solitude, thank goodness I get out among people when on assignments or simply taking a stroll with the cameras to see what I can find.

Black Dress

I got stuck this morning with an interpretation assignment in a town 70 kilometers from my location, needless to say I am way behind with image processing and online avtivities. So, I’ll do kind of a quickie for now and present the last of my contracted models, a lovely young lady from the middle of Sweden. This one I employ for fashion shots as well as music related, especially rock music.


A lot of people around have wondered why I’ve been spending time shooting and editing street photography for stock image agencies, how can they be accepted without model releases? Well, they can be submitted as editorial photos for which releases aren’t needed. Editorial photos are used by newspapers and magazines, but my not be used for commercial purposes such as advertising. Concert shots are all submitted as editorial photos which pay between $2,000 and $5,000 USD depending on the license so this kind of photos are quite valuable.