Unsafe zone

The last half year when there have been no events I have been forced to step outside of my safe zone when it comes to photography, not only have I been shooting weddings and such, I have actually gotten me a couple of models. I now have three of those, two adult and one child model, and will most certainly look for a few more adult ones as directing and shooting models was actually fun.

For all models I of course have obtained the proper releases, for the child model from her mother since you in Sweden aren’t allowed to sign contracts before the age of 18. Although directing the wee one, she’s just 5, is no easy task sometimes I kind of like the challenge. This one can be a real handful at times.

Purple Shrooms

The colors of fall have begun showing themselves. The other day I went into the woods and found loads of shrooms of all sizes, shapes and colors.

The following days I was rather busy sorting and editing images to make them ready to be uploaded to the stock photo agencies, after the “little” tour to the woods I came home with, in addition to the actual mushrooms, some 500 images that have kept me somewhat occupied.

I wasn’t alone out there though, my fiancé, her daughter and granddaughter went along and of course I got a shot or two of the little redhead while picking chanterelles.