All that jazz

With an “artist” name like The Rocking Chef (formerly) it is quite obvious that jazz isn’t really my cup of tea, but some jazz is appreciated even by me. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to get to know the lovely Gunhild Carling at the release event for United Influencers, needless to say she became a dear and valued friend with whom I love discussing music.

At the event I got the opportunity to shoot some portrait shots of the lady, here are a couple of them.


It’s been a hectic week, time to slow down a bit at least for the afternoon to replenish the batteries. Working like I do out of the comfort of my home is most of the time a job in solitude, thank goodness I get out among people when on assignments or simply taking a stroll with the cameras to see what I can find.

Black Dress

I got stuck this morning with an interpretation assignment in a town 70 kilometers from my location, needless to say I am way behind with image processing and online avtivities. So, I’ll do kind of a quickie for now and present the last of my contracted models, a lovely young lady from the middle of Sweden. This one I employ for fashion shots as well as music related, especially rock music.


A lot of people around have wondered why I’ve been spending time shooting and editing street photography for stock image agencies, how can they be accepted without model releases? Well, they can be submitted as editorial photos for which releases aren’t needed. Editorial photos are used by newspapers and magazines, but my not be used for commercial purposes such as advertising. Concert shots are all submitted as editorial photos which pay between $2,000 and $5,000 USD depending on the license so this kind of photos are quite valuable.

Two hands

In addition to the regular models I also have in my stable a hand model. Good thing about having such a model is that I don’t have to have a model release to use images with this little lady’s hands commercially although for this particular shot some of the stock image agencies want a property release because of the map on the globe. Yep, even a map can be copyrighted.


In between editing loads of street photography shots to ready them for stock photo agencies I have also been hard at work (or was it hardly working) cleaning house, kind of, in the Bitcoin (BTC) section of my online existance. Especially I have been closing my accounts with most of the PTC (paid to click) sites as they are paying way to poorly for me to wanting to waste time with them. It takes an eternity to earn enough for payout, there are better ways to use my time.

It’s better then to use so called faucets where you can go and claim free Bitcoins or rather Satoshis (the equivalent to cents, pennies, centime or at least the closest BTC comes to those) with intervals, some only every two minutes and others once an hour. They pay better and you don’t have put all that effort into it, you visit them every now and then and click the button to claim another one. The amount they pay varies as well, the best one I have gave a smashing 950 Satoshis on one click just this morning, it’s the first one below.

Please feel free to sign up you too to get free Satoshis:

Bonus Bitcoin
Faucet Crypto

I will return to the subject of Bitcoin in the future and will also in time open up a store where you can purchase prints using this currency. Of course I will also tip you about more nice ways of earning those Bitcoins. More opportunities are available in the left side column of the blog.