Top image December 2020

Not many images were shot and posted during December 2020 due to the lousy weather (it was grey, grey, grey and grey with a couple of shades of grey thrown in the mix as well) and also due to the constant pain in my back and joints which gets worse with cold and damp weather. To finish my little tour of the images of the year I instead give you my personal favorite image of the year 2020.

Oh Deer

It definitely is winter here now although no snow has yet fallen, they however said in the forecast there may be some of that pesky white stuff coming by the end of the week. One thing we will never see around here though are rein deer, for that we are too far south. One winter I lived in Pajala way up north and there you could trip over them in the middle of the city. I always thought rein deer were big things having been around moose all my life, but they only reach my waist.


What a day it has been. Installed a couple of plugin modules to the blog script and with my luck two of them didn’t play well with each other. I wanted exactly those two as there aren’t any other with just those features I wanted so there was only one thing to do, sit myself down and start doing some reprogramming to get them to work together. It has taken me over 12 hours of rewriting the modules as well as changing necessary bits of the script itself. Hence the massive silence from my end today.

Working hard or hardly working?