Permanent exhibition

A permanent exhibition is available at The Federation of Swedish Photographers where just a few images, 30 to be exact, from my extensive and continously growing archive can be viewed. It wasn’t an easy task choosing just 30 out of 2,000,000 without even having a theme to base the choice on.

Permanent exhibition

This year my work was supposed to have been featured in several physical exhibitions, but due to that Chinese affliction those exhibitions were cancelled. Better luck next year I guess.


This year there have been lots of nature shots taken, I had to devote my attention to something when there were no concerts or other events to shoot. Among other things I have been seen hovering low just like this little fly go get close up to nature’s winged little miracles.

Studio mode

Fall has arrived and with it cold and damp weather which is not playing nice with my back. It was busted some years ago by an abusive ex who turned stalker and troll, this weather is murder on my back so I’m forced to slow down a bit this time of year and also do most of the work indoors which means it’ll be a lower pace with new pics as well. It’s time to be going into studio mode. There may still be some fresh outdoor imagery though, on days with better weather I’ll still be going out with my trusted Alpha.