On the fence

All our lives have been rather limited this year due to the Chinese affliction, most of us have been sitting on the fence waiting for things to back to normal and we still do. Myself I have had to change my focus quite a bit when it comes to photography and doing a lot more nature and street photography just to mention a few more or less areas of photography for me.

What about you, how has things changed for you because of that pesky bug?

Cold season

One of many great things with photography is that when the cold season arrives we always have summer memories preserved to keep us a little warmer until next spring and summer. The season we’re entering doesn’t give much to shoot really except for some street photography and if and when there are clear days with snow and frost there might be an image or two taken as well. Otherwise there are close 2 million images in my archive to dig up and pester you with.


For her second session ever with a real camera my student went out on her own in the woods and among other shots came back with these two slugs surrounding their coming offspring. She’s doing quite well, I might even employ her as my assistant in the future.

Studio mode

Fall has arrived and with it cold and damp weather which is not playing nice with my back. It was busted some years ago by an abusive ex who turned stalker and troll, this weather is murder on my back so I’m forced to slow down a bit this time of year and also do most of the work indoors which means it’ll be a lower pace with new pics as well. It’s time to be going into studio mode. There may still be some fresh outdoor imagery though, on days with better weather I’ll still be going out with my trusted Alpha.