Facebook Crypto

Funny thing happened. Facebook is behind the new crypto currency Libra which is being launched right now, but I’m not allowed to post a link to a Libra website. Apparently their own crypto violates the community rules.

Although I’m not really liking the way Libra is set up, only a handful people have access to the core and it’s anything but decentralized, it may be a good idea to get in early and reap the benefits as they come.


Don’t miss out on Big.Byte.Block, read more in the Questionnaire post.

I really hope you’re joining me securing your own early bird crypto, the quest for future wealth is very much on!


Sometimes you want to earn a little more a whole lot faster like I did this weekend. I needed to get an additional 15 bucks to use for an investment so I took a few surveys, some of the faucets and PTC sites have offerwalls with extra ways of earning money like taking surveys. It took a little work to get the funds, but it was quite doable. Surveys pay a whole lot more than tapping the faucet or clicking ads.

The two sites/programs I used for this purpose and withdrew the funds to FaucetPay at https://faucetpay.io/?r=674056 were:

Cointiply at http://cointiply.com/r/yyjAo and CoinPayU at https://www.coinpayu.com/?r=MetalPhoto

Now, for what investment did I need those 15 bucks? Well, we’re back to Big.Byte.Block (BBB) where it will buy me 5 more node blocks and when they reach maturity two things will happen, I will have turned $15 into $60 and also have 5 BBB coins ready at Waves Exchange. A quarter of those $60 I will withdraw, you should always get your principal back at the earliest possible time, and the rest I will re-invest.

With a 400% return on investment (ROI) $45 will become $180 which I also will put back into new node blocks which then will return $720 which will return $2,880 at which point it’s time to start withdrawing some profit, half will find it’s way into my wallet and half will be re-invested. That’s $1,440 that will become $5,760. You get the picture.

Big.Byte.Block https://bigbyteblock.com/index/cHAy24lU2

All this will of course take some time, but I’m in no rush. The original $15 I will invest in another opportunity, which one remains to be seen. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket, you need to diversify and spread the risk.

Now, all those BBB coins this wall generate may be a good idea to let sit in the wallet at Waves Exchange until they have more value than today. Just imagine if you had the forsight to do this back in 2009 when Bitcoin (BTC) arrived on the scene, a BTC is today worth approximately $16,000 USD.

Hair of the doge

Bitcoin is at it’s strongest ever, worth more than $15,000 USD, and it may be tempting to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). However this is the absolutely wrong time to begin investing in BTC, you should aim your focus at some other crypto currency that is not as strong and build a solid foundation with this one instead. Later when BTC has dropped, and it will in time, you can use the funds from the other currency to invest and await the next rise.

One crypto currency that has caught my attention lately is Dogecoin (DOGE), 1 DOGE equals $0.002 USD and is easily obtained. Since you should never invest money you can’t afford to lose and as I am in the process of finding ways for those who are without funds to get going with crypto I have located some sites where you can earn free DOGE rather quickly.

First though, you will need a wallet or two to hold your funds and also to have them withdrawn to so you can use them to invest. Most free earning sites give you the possibility to withdraw to micro wallets, most of them either FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto or even both, so these kind of wallets are needed. Then you will need an actual wallet as well, myself I’m using StakeCube.




Now for the actual earning sites, these are the ones I have been using. The first one gives you the possibility to choose between 20 different currencies for withdrawal and DOGE is one of them. All except the last two also have a very low minimum for withdrawal.

Faucet Crypto





When you have all those DOGE in your wallet it’s time to begin investing and I have chosen to so in mining operations as they are low maintenance, they just sit there and tick away, they are long term investments and you can even join for free and start earning before depositing funds to purchase additional hash power. With some miners your investment runs over a set time period and with others it is lifetime, you will need to check each one thouroughly to know if and when to reinvest.




Make a note to yourself to always withdraw your principal as soon as possible from the earnings, there is no guarantees that these sites will remain indefinitely. With withdrawn profits you can either reinvest to boost your earnings in these programs or invest in other programs to spread the risk and also get multiple income streams. In time you will have a substantial monetary foundation for the future.

Shopping spree

For me online earnings is so much more than just crypto investments, it’s actually all about my brand merchandise. This takes a lot of time and effort getting done with images that not only have to be chosen but also adapted and edited for all the various items they’ll be going on.

With the way things have been going this year there haven’t been many high value photos shot, it’s after all the editorial shots from concerts that gives the most revenue, it would really help if you wouldd please consider at least to do some of your gift shopping, Christmas is around the corner, from the outlets carrying my merchandise. Every little bit helps, you know.


Fine Art America (Pixels)



You can also help me improve the assortment by commenting if there is some motif you would like to be able to purchase items with. I will be adding a lot of new motives in the near future and would like to be able to give you what you want when doing so.


So the Chinese affliction is on the rise again, sort of back with a vengeance, and the authorities are imposing more and stricter restrictions. This will have a profound impact on my ability to work so the day today have been spent trying to redirect just about everything to comply with the new reality we’re experiencing. Needless to say really there won’t be much photographic work done, but more time spent with online earning systems.

Talking about those, surely you didn’t miss to get in on this one, you can get in for free and the potential is limitless:


Also see the post “Ground floor“.

The rest of the day I’m going to find me a quiet spot, maybe not on a park bench outside as it is cold as hell out there, but at least my couch in the comfort of my cozy and warm living room.

Ground floor

This is a ground floor opportunity not to be missed. Or you can miss and then kick yourself just like you have been doing for not getting in with Bitcoin early, those who did are quite weakthy today.


All you have to do really is sign up and get your free node blocked for you and then re-invest in more nodes as the first one matures, there will be enough to get another 4 with those earnings and as they mature you can get another 16 and so on.

Or you can use some of the earnings from these free sites to invest.


Each new node is $2.96 USD and matures into $11.85 USD.


Back to putting the free money to work. At FaucetPay I had since the last withdrawal amassed just over 16,000 satoshis when I decided to take advantage of Bitcoin being as strong as it is, 1 bitcoin is worth almost $13,400 USD, and swap for a slightly weaker currency. Since I was doing Dogecoin already I went with this one and landed me 820 Doge in the swap.

These 820 I divided between 2 mining operations. I put 500 Doge into the same as the one before, DefMine, and 300 Doge went into Cryptofarmine which isn’t really a miner but rather a HYIP where these 300 Doge will earn 2.4% daily. This isn’t much really, but it’s a lot better than a savings account in a bank and I will re-invest the earnings continually to increase my capital.

DefMine however is a proper miner and here I now have 64 GH/s hash power instead of the 10 GH/s you get for free on signup. As soon as I have earned my principal back (515 Doge) I will retrieve it and let the account fill up on it’s own while the retrieved funds will be put to use in yet another program. The same naturally goes for Cryptoframine, you should always get your principal out as soon as possible so it won’t be lost if the investment site goes belly up.

DefMine https://defmine.com/Welcome/Partner/14607

Cryptofarmine https://cryptofarmine.com/r/11630

FaucetPay https://faucetpay.io/?r=674056

Just think about it, less than a month ago I started doing this crypto adventure with no money out of pocket and am now investing the earned funds from sites like the ones in the post Wallets (& Paying Sites). I’m deterrmined to prove that you can earn crypto without funds to invest off your own to give less fortunate people some direction on how to build their own financial future.


No, I’m not playing the crappiest game with the worst graphics I have seen since the seventies. Actually even then the graphics were better. It’s all about crypto mining.

Bitcoin is not the only crypto currency around, there are a lot more. I’m guessing there are around 3.000 or so different crypto currencies around and more are arriving continously. One of the more established are Dogecoin and of course I have been tapping faucets and paid-to-click (PTC) sites for those too. I have signed up with a few miners as well for this currency and have just made my first purchase in one of those with free Dogecoins gathered, see further down for sources.

Most mining operations require that you make a purchase of additional hash power, an upgrade if you will, to be able to withdraw earnings even though many of them give you a basic mining contract when you join. The first Doge one to get upgraded is DefMine where I in two weeks only have earned 34 Doge. The minimum amount for withdrawal here is 300 Doge and with added hash power the mining will be much faster.

DefMine https://defmine.com/Welcome/Partner/14607

Earning Doge is just as easy as Bitcoin and I have been using primarily DogeBitsFree and Faucet Crypto for this. There were one more set of sites that I had planned to use for this as well, but the microwallet serving them turned out to be a scam and a fraud so for those programs I am pulling all support. Keep an eye open for a separate post on the scam site CoinPot.

DogeBitsFree is a standard faucet and PTC. From the faucet you can claim every 2 minutes, it’s moving fast and it is quite possible to reach the minimum 20 Doge withdrawal amount in 2 or 3 days. In fact I am closing in on another withdrawal there and will be doing another investment in either a mining operation or a HYIP.

DogeBitsFree https://doge-bitsfree.net/?ref=72347

Faucet Crypto is also a faucet and PTC with a couple of added perks such a bonus level system allowing you to over time earn a growing percentage of the claims added to the money you earn with each click and claim. This site will allow you to withdraw your earnings in as many as 20 different crypto currencies among which Dogecoin is one. They have a low minimum for withdrawal, myself I gather until I have the equivalent to 500+ satoshis before I withdraw which takes 2 or 3 days depending on how many PTC ads they have at the moment.

Faucet Crypto https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/473206

Both these sites will allow withdrawal to FaucetPay where you also can swap the supported currencies, ie if you have Bitcoin but want Dogecoin this can be done instantly.

FaucetPay https://faucetpay.io/?r=674056

Remember, never invest money you can’t afford to lose.


After a couple of weeks clicking away in all kinds of faucets and paid-to-click (PTC) programs I have managed to gather little over $20 USD in Bitcoin in my wallet and am ready to make the initial investments. Remember, never invest money you can’t afford to lose. This is why I have gone this way, claiming free bits, to show people without funds to invest that it can be done starting with nothing. It just takes a little longer and it’s a lot of work, but it can be done.

For investing I have chosen to use a combination of high yield investment programs (HYIP) and mining operations to begin with, I will diversify more in time. HYIP’s are always risky, you can make one hell of a profit but you can also lose your investments.

$7 USD invested at Wildo Profit https://wildoprofit.com/?ref=MetalPhoto at a daily return of 12% indefinitely and referral commissions in 4 levels (25% – 15% – 10% – 5%), $7 USD invested at Oil Super Gold https://oilsupergold.com/?ref=MetalPhoto for a total of 300% return in 30 hours and referral commissions in 4 levels (25% – 15% – 10% – 5%) and finally $4 USD at CLDMine at https://cldmine.ltd/ref/MetalPhoto to give an additional 400 GH/s hash power, they give you 100 GH/s on signup and extra hash power from referrals (2 GH/s on their signup and 9% GH/s for every level 1 referrals deposits and 6% for level 2).

Feel free to join me in my endeavours, just remember to never invest money you can’t afford to lose. I can’t give you any guarantees these sites will remain, but if they do disappear I will lose my investments too.

Wildo Profit

Oil Super Gold



When earning all this little bits you need a wallet or two to get your earnings paid out. Many faucets and paid-to-click (PTC) have the option of withdrawing your funds to a micro wallet called FaucetPay, usually there is a smaller minimum for this than withdrawing to your regular wallet and also no transfer fee. This enables you to pool al those little payments and make a larger withdrawal later to your actual wallet.

FaucetPay https://faucetpay.io/?r=674056

There are a lot of wallets available, myself I’m using primarily StakeCube at https://stakecube.net/?team=MetalPhoto for my crypto needs.

Here are some nice paying faucets and PTC’s using FaucetPay, please feel free to join in on the fun. I have used these among others to build a starting capital and will soon get on with more lucrative crypto investments and ventures.

Faucet Crypto










BTC Faucet

This one isn’t using FaucetPay, but it is paying and you can withdraw directly to your crypto wallet.