Starting Point

You should never invest money you can’t afford to lose and many of us don’t have a lot of extra funds laying around these days. This why I partly go about this crypto thing from their position and try out some free earners where they can build a base to use for investing to make more money.

One such free earner that is paying is Faucet Crypto. You don’t earn much, but in little over a week I have been able to withdraw 2 bucks, just enough for a small investment in a high yield investment program (HYIP). You can speed up your earnings by referring more people to the site, you will then earn 20% in commissions on their earnings.

Faucet Crypto

At Faucet Crypto you get a faucet where you can claim free crypto every 40 minutes, paid-to-click ads to earn from and also shortlinks, those are a bit of a nuisance so myself I’m staying clear of them. The cherry on the top is that you raise experience points elevating your level and adding a bonus on every earning that grows in time.

On the subject of the investment I will get back to you when I have tried it out and further guide you in this crypto jungle.

Five Moons

I like challenges when photographing, such a challenge is getting nice shots of the moon. Lately I have been viewing another kind of moons though, the kind that earns me money.

One way of obtaining free crypto such as Bitcoin and Dash is using so called “faucets” where you can claim free crypto with different intervals, some are available for claiming every 5 minutes and others once an hour. Then there are the awesome Moon faucets where you decide when to claim, just leave them open to see the amount available to claim grows and when you fell like hit that Claim button.

Moon Bitcoin Core

Moon Bitcoin Cash

Moon Dash

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Litecoin

One great thing about these are that you recieve 25-50% commission on all your referrals faucet claims, when they earn you earn. All claimed funds goes directly to your CoinPot account where you can let your funds grow and when you have sufficient funds withdraw to your crypto wallet. If you want to be able to with draw a little sooner CoinPot gives you the ability to convert between crypto currencies, then you can get them all in one slot and make just one withdrawal sooner instead of five withdrawals later.


Don’t you wish you had been part of it all when Bitcoin first launched and gotten yourself a bunch of coins when they were cheap? After all, one Bitcoin today is worth some $11,400 USD.

Well, how about getting in on a new crypto currency and build yourself a possible fortune? Even if you don’t have money laying around to invest you can actually get a piece of the pie for free. RX Coin is in startup and they are giving you a $20 signup bonus right now which you can invest for a 1% daily return for 50 days, then you can re-invest and slowly grow your account.

Here’s the real kicker, they also give you 80 RX Coins (worth some $50) and a mining tool to increase the RX amount on automatic for free. Their own crypto exchange is due to go live in December so you have plenty of time to let the miner tick away to fill up your account.

Get going with RX Coins today

Pickaxe & Shovel

I may not be using such tools as a pickaxe or a shovel, but I am sure mining. Maybe not in the way you think, I’m mining gold online with my computer. To be specific I’m mining crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and others.

Why work more than you have to when there are mining services you can use to earn Bitcoins? Some requires an investment, but there are quite a few that will mine for you for free as well. All you have to do is sign up and have them running in the background in a browser while you’re busy doing more fun things.

These are free to get going with, if you want them to mine faster for you there’s always the possibility to purchase more “hash power”. Just remember, don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. How many mining operations you should get started depends on how powerful your computer is, you may want to limit yourself to just a couple if the toaster running your software is a little smaller.





Make sure to have fun while earning those little cryptos. More opportunities are available in the left sidebar of the blog.


In between editing loads of street photography shots to ready them for stock photo agencies I have also been hard at work (or was it hardly working) cleaning house, kind of, in the Bitcoin (BTC) section of my online existance. Especially I have been closing my accounts with most of the PTC (paid to click) sites as they are paying way to poorly for me to wanting to waste time with them. It takes an eternity to earn enough for payout, there are better ways to use my time.

It’s better then to use so called faucets where you can go and claim free Bitcoins or rather Satoshis (the equivalent to cents, pennies, centime or at least the closest BTC comes to those) with intervals, some only every two minutes and others once an hour. They pay better and you don’t have put all that effort into it, you visit them every now and then and click the button to claim another one. The amount they pay varies as well, the best one I have gave a smashing 950 Satoshis on one click just this morning, it’s the first one below.

Please feel free to sign up you too to get free Satoshis:

Bonus Bitcoin
Faucet Crypto

I will return to the subject of Bitcoin in the future and will also in time open up a store where you can purchase prints using this currency. Of course I will also tip you about more nice ways of earning those Bitcoins. More opportunities are available in the left side column of the blog.