Studio mode

Fall has arrived and with it cold and damp weather which is not playing nice with my back. It was busted some years ago by an abusive ex who turned stalker and troll, this weather is murder on my back so I’m forced to slow down a bit this time of year and also do most of the work indoors which means it’ll be a lower pace with new pics as well. It’s time to be going into studio mode. There may still be some fresh outdoor imagery though, on days with better weather I’ll still be going out with my trusted Alpha.


Sometimes the Childhood’s End characters are depicting human life, like when your bottle is empty but you’re still thirsty. There have been quite a few shots taken with Pinkie, unfortunately you won’t be able to get any merchandise with those.

My intention all along have been to make available as prints, apparel and other novelty items images with that pink kitten we all love, but to do so I need licensing or at the very least a property release from the copyright owners. Since the beginning of November 2019 I have been trying to obtain this from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) without even getting a response. I even looked up their chief legal officer at LinkedIn and contacted her regarding this matter just to be totally ignored and blocked. Sorry, guys and gals, but there will be no Pinkie stuff for you.

Childhood’s End

One project that is really fun working with is “Childhood’s End”, this is a photo project that will run for a long time if not indefinitely. The idea behind it is that, just as in the Arthur C. Clarke novel with the same title, that at some point the innocence of childhood ends. When we leave childhood behind us we also leave our old toys, often worn and broken, behind and forget them.

With this image series I want to give those old toys new life photographically at the same time as the pictures are intended to remind us that childhood is something fragile and precious that sometimes end all too abruptly. All images in the series have in common that they are black and white, often dark, to intensify the ominous feeling of loosing childhood’s innocence.

A couple of the first images shot for “Childhood’s End” was “Castaway” and “Wallflower”. Many more are to come, the search for old toys continues every day and new photos are added continously.