Starting Point

You should never invest money you can’t afford to lose and many of us don’t have a lot of extra funds laying around these days. This why I partly go about this crypto thing from their position and try out some free earners where they can build a base to use for investing to make more money.

One such free earner that is paying is Faucet Crypto. You don’t earn much, but in little over a week I have been able to withdraw 2 bucks, just enough for a small investment in a high yield investment program (HYIP). You can speed up your earnings by referring more people to the site, you will then earn 20% in commissions on their earnings.

Faucet Crypto

At Faucet Crypto you get a faucet where you can claim free crypto every 40 minutes, paid-to-click ads to earn from and also shortlinks, those are a bit of a nuisance so myself I’m staying clear of them. The cherry on the top is that you raise experience points elevating your level and adding a bonus on every earning that grows in time.

On the subject of the investment I will get back to you when I have tried it out and further guide you in this crypto jungle.

On the fence

All our lives have been rather limited this year due to the Chinese affliction, most of us have been sitting on the fence waiting for things to back to normal and we still do. Myself I have had to change my focus quite a bit when it comes to photography and doing a lot more nature and street photography just to mention a few more or less areas of photography for me.

What about you, how has things changed for you because of that pesky bug?

All that jazz

With an “artist” name like The Rocking Chef (formerly) it is quite obvious that jazz isn’t really my cup of tea, but some jazz is appreciated even by me. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to get to know the lovely Gunhild Carling at the release event for United Influencers, needless to say she became a dear and valued friend with whom I love discussing music.

At the event I got the opportunity to shoot some portrait shots of the lady, here are a couple of them.