Are you enjoying my photography? Would you like to see more?

I have come to a point where an upgrade of most of my equipment is in dire need, but due to the last two years restrictions and lack of concerts and other events rendering me unable to work the funds are depleted. This is your chance to help out, all donations small and large are most welcome and every little bit helps.

The one part of the equipment that is really outdated is the actual camera and the one needed is far from cheap, the retail price is almost 80,000 Swedish kronor (approximately 8,000 euro).

If you’re in Sweden you can donate using Swish (QR code below), everyone else are welcome to use PayPal or send crypto to:

BTC 1EHfyU4ZTpytxFb1uVr1QAYpXYGy1aSxhk
LTC MDVN2K562Lxfqpbb2qA2Tug2yrt9k3dYHP
TRX TV8d6KBd78FAfUMpBvHNT3rsvLB5de7s7G
BNB 0x290Aee45603266378BcA61C061a7461522dEe40B
SOL HK3Kyuqc4jdBQjtzvrjiEm9ujCfaxwQBbebXVSufDv1e

Please comment with the amount you contributed and your e-mail (visible only to me) and I’ll send you a nice little thank you gift once the minimum needed has been reached. Thank you so much for your help!

Decentralized Social

Going forward with crypto I am now making some of my photography available as NFT’s on the DeSo (Decentralized Social) block-chain through the free to join and use social media app Diamond.

You too can earn from your own photos and artwork there!

DeSo can now be sold and bought at CoinBase, current Euro price is €29.40

Read more about DeSo here:

The Unwilling Model

So, I have three step daughters and one of them is kind of camera shy which is a shame since she’s a really beautiful (and sexy) young lady. I have done my darndest to influence here to be less anti of being the one in front of the camera, last Saturday while at a Halloween event for kids (she’s the mother of the little redhead you’ve been seeing every now and then here) I simply took command and put here in front of the lens so I could take a few portraits.

Really lousy conditions though, outdoors early in the evening with little light and thick clouds making everything look gray and dark, but I did the best I could.

She really is a sight for sore eyes and I hope she’ll agree to get in front of the camera more frequently in the future.

No more excuses!

A lot of people are feeling poor these days, poor as in not having money, and time and time again I have suggested they should start doing crypto to earn a little extra. The common view on crypto is that it is all fakes scams, which is not true. Sure, there are a lot of crooks out there trying to scam you out of your money, you just have to choose carefully after doing some research into the various programs. The most used arguement for not engaging in crypto is that there is no way to get your money back into the real world which is just baloney and I have just proven this.

Free of charge you can obtain a no fees MasterCard from Wirex, all you need is to have €10 in your account with them. Your can use the card to withdraw from any ATM and you can use it to make purchases both online and with local merchants.

When I got my card in the mail I promptly activated it and made a small purchase at the local convenience store just to verify that it actually works, so I bought a candy bar paying for it with Bitcoin (BTC).

There are a few perks with the Wirex account and their MasterCard:

You get a 2% kickback on all purchases into your account.

There are no exchange fee when using your card.

You can stake both crypto and fiat currencies, on crypto you get a 10% annual interest and on fiat (Euro and USD) you get 16%.

Go get your Wirex account right now

The Wirex website front page can be found here but please use the link above to sign up.

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